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Child Support and the Military

Involving the military in child support matter can make it complicated when it comes to determining how much should be ... Read More

How to Stop Paying Child Support Legally

There are only two ways to put an end to child support legally and the first requires a legitimate and defendable reason ... Read More

When Does Child Support End?

Although each child support agreement is different, many define the end of the obligation to make payments when the ... Read More

Child Support and Bankruptcy

Many people think that they can use bankruptcy to solve all of their financial problems, including child support. Others ... Read More

Modifying Child Support Payments

In family law, child support is a periodic payment made by apparent for the financial benefit of a child following the ... Read More

Filing for Child Support

In family law, child support is a periodic payment made by apparent for the financial benefit of a child following the ... Read More

Collecting Unpaid Child Support

Child Support helps with fulfilling and providing for many of your child’s needs. However, if those payments are not ... Read More

Adoptive Child Support

Parents choosing to adopt children with special needs from public foster care take on challenges that other parents do ... Read More

Failure to Pay Child Support

The main purpose of child support is to provide for the needs and general well-being of the child. Nearly 3.5 million, ... Read More

Calculating Child Support

You have the right to ask the Office of Recovery Services (ORS) to review your child support order. The review may ... Read More

Bankruptcy and Child Support

Many noncustodial parents seek relief from financial obligations in Bankruptcy Court. Child support payments generally ... Read More

Child Support during Separation

Just because a relationship or a marriage may end, does not mean parents’ roles end. Through all the hard times with the ... Read More

Enforcing Child Support

There are many mechanisms and programs available in helping the enforcement of child support. The Child Support ... Read More

Child Support Overview

Child support regulations require non-custodial parents to pay for the care and support of their children. Non-custodial ... Read More

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Children of Joe Walsh Urged
Oct 31/2015 - Chicago, Illinois – According to Huffington Post, the children of US Rep. Joe Walsh joined their father in a call to Tammy Duckworth of pulling a personal ...
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$913K Awarded to VA Families
Oct 16/2015 - According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, $913,866 will be shared by more than 1,000 families after the settlement between the child-support collection ...
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Scorpions Drummer Claimed that
Sep 30/2015 - According to TMZ, James Kottak, Scorpions drummer, sought the court to reverse its ruling of primary custody to Athena Lee, Tommy Lee’s sister, over their ...
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State Child Support Office
Sep 16/2015 - According to WFTV, in just 7 days state spending budget cuts might produce a major inconvenience for moms and dads in Osceola County. The sole state child ...
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